What if I don’t need a 40-hour, full-time HR person?

One day a week, one day a month, or a couple of days a quarter – whatever time arrangement you need, The Human Resource USA can provide it.

If you want comprehensive, automatic human resources services, you can contract with us to have a stable, reliable and experienced HR professional for only part-time hours. When you partner with The Human Resource USA, you will enter into a unique relationship.

I’m not sure I can afford to hire a quality HR person?

In many businesses, HR is an add-on task for another one of your employees – your office manager, CFO or book keeper. But you’re selling yourself short. What you really need is full-time HR experience without the investment of benefits, overhead and salary attached to a full-time staff person.

Our consultants provide that level of knowledge and expertise, sharing our resources with you in policies, processes and programs on a regular basis to help relieve the stress of human resource issues in your day-to-day business.

The Human Resource USA provides a breadth of services, including:

  • Policies
    • Policy Updates
      For a complete list of our policy offerings, please click here
  • Processes
    • Procedure Changes to Match Changing Laws
    • Continual Updates to Postings and Regulatory Signage
    • Consultation on Hiring, Promotions and Staff Reductions
  • Programs
    • Training and Development
    • Employee Relations

Contact us for a consultation or ask for a capabilities presentation. We can help you improve the quality of your business.

When we first started consulting with The Human Resource USA, we were a small company trying to meet all the human resources requirements. We could not keep up with balancing ever-changing employment laws as well as running our company. The Human Resource USA stepped in, and I have not given human resources another thought since.

Mona Wolf, President/CEO

The Wolf Group